A week or so back (yes this post is a little belated) I received a package from Poppy Porter, my Contemporary Jewellery Exchange partner.  After discussing our plans on how to approach this project we decided on a studio swap of sorts: sending one another three items which would give the other person some insight into their practice.
Poppy's package contained the original strings from her Bass; some drawings from a muse track (Poppy has Synesthesia); and some Muse tracks (her favourite band and the reason she started to play Bass), all contained within a lovely little box which was originally for a Bass pedal.


I'm taking part in this year's Contemporary Jewellery Exchange.  I've been paired with Poppy Porter.


So, it's been a fairly long time since last posting anything, and this pretty much reflects the creative output from me over this period. Not that I feel I need to explain my absence, but for context I'll let you in on the secret: I've had a baby.  His name is Oswald... or Ozzie or Oz for short.


Thrilled to be heading over to The Banff Arts Centre this July for the Thematic Residency entitled "Blueprint for Happiness".   Delighted further by the fact I've been awarded the Mary. E. Hofstetter Legacy Award for Visual Arts. 

(image "Little Shining Man", 2011 by Heather and Ivan Morison- faculty for the residency)


In the last week or two I've been showing my work at the Castlefield Gallery, Manchester.  I've had great fun putting together some more pieces for the Rose Archive:

Part of the process of recreating Roses drawings, colour matching green fabric for Mermaid outfit.

Painting up parts of the Mermaid costume.

Photographing myself in a friends studio dressed up as Rose's drawing of a Mermaid.

Rose's drawing of a Mermaid on the left hand side and my version of the drawing of the right.

A pair of brown shoes which have been altered in order to more closely match the drawing of a 5 year olds.

Dressed up to look like my neice Rose's drawing.
Drawing by Rose (on left hand side) of a lady with blue hair and a pink dress.  Photograph of me attempting to carry off this look on the right hand side.

A cluster of red balloons on the floor waiting to be used as props.

Standing on a chair in a photo studio trying to imitate a drawing by my neice.
A drawing of a lady in a green zig-zag dress by Rose (on the left) and a photograph of me dressed up as the drawing (on the right).