***OBJECT OF THE WEEK***Pencils threaded together to make a necklace.  The pencils have been ordered so that the necklace reads 'wish I'd joined the foreign legion'.


A collage which combines images of office furniture and sections of previous works by the author.

Proposals for future work in the form of collages which combine sections of office furniture and details of previous works by the author

Office inspired collages as proposals for future work. Collages combine sections of previous work by the author combined with images of office furniture.

Office inspired collages used as proposals for future work.  Images combine sections of previous work with sections of office based images.
Preparatory collages for "Office Folk Mid-term Appraisal".

Black and white collage featuring proposals for a body of work entitled 'everything but the kitchen sink' .  These proposals are for pieces made out of parts of furniture assembled in unconventional ways.
The beginnings of "Everything but the kitchen sink series".


These rings were my initial starting point for my MA... I used to make furniture, so I guess wood was an obvious choice!

Kinetic wooden bird ring.

Wooden ring which incorporates a 2D wooden toy horse.

Chunky wooden ring with an offset miniature drawer on the top.

Ebonised black oak ring with a halved wooden bead embedded in the top.

Wooden ring which incorporates lolly sticks and a wooden chip fork.

Ebonised oak ring with a section of wooden ruler set at an angle.

Ebonised oak ring which incorporates a wooden cup an ball game.

A series of rings intended to be worn together. Each ring depicts a different part of the scene, including a car, a tree and a house.

A whittled ball in cage ebonised oak ring.

Ring constructed out of tessellating coloured pencils.


With these pieces I have begun to explore the sculptural possibilities of the solid materials within the office environment, paying particular attention to the fixtures and fittings of the pieces.

Office assemblage pin, includes concrete, typewriter parts and wood.
Office Folk Mid-term Appraisal #1,  2010

Office assemblage pin, incorporates cardboard, typewriter parts and pencil as part of pin fixture.
Office Folk Mid-term Appraisal #2 (front),  2010

The back of a brooch which uses a pencil as part of its pin fixture.
Office Folk Mid-term Appraisal #2 (back),  2010

Sculptural brooch made out of office finds.
Office Folk Mid-term Appraisal #3 (front),  2010

Back of an office finds brooch.
Office Folk Mid-term Appraisal #3 (back),  2010

Continuing on with this direction... but attempting to create pieces with no definable front or back..

Office inspired brooch which uses an id card clip or pen clip as the fastenings. Brooch also incorporates a clothes brush, pencil, staples and section of a note book.
Office Folk Mid-term Appraisal #4,  2010

Office finds assembled into a body worn sculpture, which incorporates section of pen holder, black plastic paper file and a pencil.
Office Folk Mid-term Appraisal #5,  2010

Reverse of a office finds sculpture, which uses a flattened pen clip as a fixture with which to attach it to the body.
Office Folk Mid-term Appraisal #5,  2010

Office inspired brooch which is an assemblage of office finds including a section of mesh from a pen pot, a section of plastic paper-file and metal parts.
Office Folk Mid-term Appraisal #6,  2010

The reverse of an office inspired brooch. The  brooch fixing utilises a bull-dog clip.
Office Folk Mid-term Appraisal #6,  2010