#33 Frosty

On the Make #33 (Sat 22nd Dec)
Frosty the Snowman Kit

#32 Chip Boat

A spot of lunch before braving Birmingham Christmas shopping.

A small chip boat afloat on a mayonaise sea.
On the Make #32 (Friday 21st Dec)
Chips, Mayonaise

#31 Pub Masks

On the Make #31 (Thurs 20th Dec)
Paper, Ale

On the Make in the pub. Kept us entertained for a good 20 mins.
I'll blame the blurry images on the ale.

#30 Tin Foil Exploits

Have been travelling back to the UK for most of the day, so todays 'On the Make' was on-the-hoof: sat eating curry fashioning an array of items out of the Tin foil our sandwiches at lunch were in. Here are two of the best...

#29 Card Construction 3

On the Make #29 (18th Dec)
Playing Cards

Not sure what I was aiming for here.
Seem to have made a large baked bean.

#28 Card Constructions 2

A composition of three 3D shapes which have been constructed out of red playing cards.

A small scale sculpture constructed out of red playing cards.
On the Make #28 (Mon 17th Dec)
Playing Cards

#27 Card Constructions

A red backed playing card which has been folded and cut into an abstract construction.

A red backed playing card which has been folded and cut into an abstract construction.

A red backed playing card which has been folded and cut into an abstract construction and held together with brown tape.
On the Make #27 (Sun 16th Dec)
Playing Cards, Brown Tape

#26 Wood Off-Cuts

Wood off-cuts lined up in such a way that they resemble a city scape.

Wood off-cuts stacked and balanced in a somewhat precarious manner.

Wood off-cuts stacked together to form almost a square shape.

Wood off-cuts positioned in such a way that they evidence the fact that the blocks were positioned differently and then they have collapsed.
On the Make #26 (Sat 15th Dec)
Wood Off-Cuts

#24 Carved Carrot

Carrots on a plate that have been carved into ball and flower shapes.

Carved Carrots in a green leaf stir-fry.
On the Make #24 (Friday 14th Dec)
Carved Carrot (stir-fry)

#23 Happy Birthday

A large pastry on a plate with pastry letters spelling out Happy Birthday.
On the Make #23 (Thurs 13th Dec)
Salmon Wellington, Happy Birthday Pastry

Somewhat side tracked today... Happy Birthday Neil!

#23 Steamy Window

A drawing on a steamy window which encapsulates the actual view of a house and garden beyond.
On the Make #23 (Weds 12th Dec)
Steam, Window

#22 Snow Circles

A back garden covered in snow that has been decorated with spots where the snow has been trodden under foot.
On the Make #22 (Tues 11th Dec)
Snow, Back Garden.

#21 chalk stick

An old stick of chalk that has been drawn into revealing the colours below.
On the Make #21 (Mon 10th Dec)

#20 Snow Balls

A branch of a tree that has been strung with snow balls as if it were a bead necklace.
On the Make #20 (Sun  9th Dec)
Snow, Branch

#19 Biscuit Wrapper Boat

A miniature origami boat made out of silver and blue biscuit wrapper.
On the Make #19 (Sat 7th Dec)
Biscuit Wrapper 

Note to self: must stop eating so many biscuits.

On the Make #18

A stripy red and gold wafer wrapper that has been folded in an origami style, partially showing the writing on the wrapper.
On the Make #18 (Fri 7th Dec)
Wafer Wrapper

On the Make #17

 Backyard chequerboard created by melting snow squares on the grass.
On the Make #17 (Thurs 6h Dec)
Snow,  Grass

I suspect my neighbours always thought me a little odd.  
This probably compounds it for them.

On the Make #16

An abstract mini sculpture constructed out of black penned matches and thread.
On the Make #16 (Wed 5th Dec)
Matches, Thread, Pen

On the Make #15

An abstract 'blobby' sculpture made out of cord ellipses and black thread.
On the Make #15 (Tues 4th Dec)
Cork, Thread

On the Make #14

Cork carved intoa cluster of flat spherical shapes.
On the Make #14 (Mon 3rd Dec)

On the Make #13

A champagne bottle cork whic has been carved into an abstract shape.
On the Make #13 (Sun 2nd Dec)

On the Make #12

A bundle of matches which have been bound together in a haphazard manner with red thread.
On the Make #12 (Sat 1st Dec)
Matches, Thread

On the Make #11

A sculpted ivory soap ring with ball and monolith.
On the Make #11 (Fri 30th Nov)

On the Make #10

A carved ivory soap ring.
On the Make #10 (29th Nov)

On the Make #9

Soap carved to reference  standing stones.
On the Make #9 (Weds 28th Nov)

On the Make #8

A series of four small assemblages made from chocolate box tray.
On the Make #8 (Tues 27th Nov)
Chocolate box tray

'Almost Caught in the Act'

So here is some work I made a while back and exhibited during Schmuck week in Munich this year, and then also alongside some of my other pieces at 'WOOD' at Velvet da Vinci earlier this year... Think I was hoping to get some better pics of these pieces before uploading, but I have come to learn that there is a certain logic behind the well known phrase "no time like the present".  

'Naughty Ox', 2012

This brooch has been assembled out of small wooden toy parts, matches, paper and string, and looks to create the impression that this piece is soon to be set alight.
'Bonfire', 2012

A roughly made brooch made from small bits of burnable material hung on a wonky key fob.
'Best Bits',  2012

This brooch consists of small burnable items, including a birthday cake candle, bound together with string and stacked on top of each other, conjuring the idea that they are ready for burning.
'Stacked-Wonkey', 2012

'Almost caught in the act' is a hoard of constructed artefacts discovered wedged in the gap between bunk-bed and wardrobe. The inexplicable disappearance of household items is no longer a mystery; their intended purpose barely disguised.is a hoard of constructed artefacts discovered wedged in the gap between bunk-bed and wardrobe. The inexplicable disappearance of household items is no longer a mystery; their intended purpose barely disguised.

On the Make #7

Red objects assembled together to create a picture of sorts
On the Make #7 (Mon 26th Nov)
Red Bits

On the Make #6

The rear half of a small plastic cow whose left rear leg has been adorned in small clay bobbles.
On the Make #6 (Nov, 25th)
cow, paper-clay

On the Make #5

A green paper clip and packaging nut construction.
On the Make #5 (Sat 24th Nov)
paper-clips, packing nuts

On the Make #4

A sea urchin like paper clay maquette.
On the Make #4 (Friday 23rd Nov)

On the Make #3

Haven't quite worked out the rules yet... Is this cheating I wonder?

A green chewing gum and blackened wood assemblage.
On the Make #3 (Thurs 22nd Nov)
Chewing Gum, Wood

On the Make #2

Love this colour.  Couldn't resist doing something with this chewing gum.  (My husband was less than impressed though, when he went to look for it later in the day).

A minty green construction made from chewing gum lozenges.
On the Make #2 (Weds 21st Nov)
Chewing Gum

On the Make

I've been inspired by a friend of mine who blogged a tune a day, for a month, a while back.  'On the Make' is creative throwing down of the gauntlet; I plan to make something (out of what's to hand) and share this everyday.  

I'm not sure where this excursion will take me, but I'm sure I'll learn a thing or two along the way.

A quick assemblage made with bits of wood stuck together with flocked epoxy glue.
On the Make #1 (Tues 20th Nov)
wood, tape, staple, pencil, epoxy, flock

'Made to Make' Bilston Gallery

The exhibition 'Made to Make' will feature my latest collection of work 'Warhammer isn't just for boys'.  The show will be open to the public from the 5th October till 1st December 2012.

The exhibition features work from eight jewellers including, Natalie Smith, Farrah Al-Dujaili, Katherine Richmond and Lydia Feast.

'Warhammer isn't just for boys'

I've been making some new work; this time as a teenage girl...

'Warhammer isn't just for boys'

No longer content with decoupage and appliqué, Chloe sets about improving her brother's model-kits. 'Warhammer isn't just for boys' is an unfettered application of the stereotypically girly.

Warhammer figures and model making kit pieces have been assembled together and painted in tones of pink nail varnish to make a brooch.
Raindrops on Roses, Brooch, 2012

An almost semi circular brooch which is made out of primarily HMS Victory model kit pieces.  This piece has been painted with pink nail varnish and flocked and embellished with a row of four pom poms across the top.
Tickle Me Pink, Brooch, 2012

This neckpiece is made out of an Airfix Spitfire which has been painted pink, flocked and then adorned with rouching, pom poms, beads and plated thread.
Prince Charming, Neckpiece, 2012

This piece uses a cheap dress ring which has been all but covered in all pink, nail varnish coated, kit model parts bound together with pink thread.
Cotton Candy, Ring, 2012

This neckpiece is made from an assemblage of kit model pieces which have been painted with pink nail varnish and adorned with stereotypically girly craft items such as pom poms and  microbeads.
Spoonful of Sugar, Neckpiece, 2012

This piece is constructed out of two bangles bound together, one painted with nail varnish, the other wrapped in pink thread and around the circumference of these handles, stitched into place, are pink painted pieces from model kits.
Cherry Blossom, Bracelet, 2012

This brooch is constructed out of Warhammer pieces, painted with pink nail varnish and adorned with thread and pink pom poms.

Prettier in Pink, Brooch, 2012