Next week, I'll be exhibiting new work in Munich, as a guest artist, with the 'Life's a Bench' group. Come along to the private view: 12 noon, 15th March at Galerie Im Raum, Herzog-Rudolf Str 9.

A small brooch which suggests its own purpose might be for burning. It consists of a plastic animal whose head has been set in a block of wax and tied to its back is a number of matches.
'Naughty Ox', 2012 from the Collection: 'Almost caught in the act'


Delighted; to be a selected artist for the exhibition 'WOOD' at Velvet da Vinci (San Francisco, USA). WOOD runs from May 9th to June 17th and will be showcasing the work of 24 international artists.

Brooch assembled from wooden dolls house furniture in a haphazard manner.
'Everything but', 2012.