'Warhammer isn't just for boys'

I've been making some new work; this time as a teenage girl...

'Warhammer isn't just for boys'

No longer content with decoupage and appliqué, Chloe sets about improving her brother's model-kits. 'Warhammer isn't just for boys' is an unfettered application of the stereotypically girly.

Warhammer figures and model making kit pieces have been assembled together and painted in tones of pink nail varnish to make a brooch.
Raindrops on Roses, Brooch, 2012

An almost semi circular brooch which is made out of primarily HMS Victory model kit pieces.  This piece has been painted with pink nail varnish and flocked and embellished with a row of four pom poms across the top.
Tickle Me Pink, Brooch, 2012

This neckpiece is made out of an Airfix Spitfire which has been painted pink, flocked and then adorned with rouching, pom poms, beads and plated thread.
Prince Charming, Neckpiece, 2012

This piece uses a cheap dress ring which has been all but covered in all pink, nail varnish coated, kit model parts bound together with pink thread.
Cotton Candy, Ring, 2012

This neckpiece is made from an assemblage of kit model pieces which have been painted with pink nail varnish and adorned with stereotypically girly craft items such as pom poms and  microbeads.
Spoonful of Sugar, Neckpiece, 2012

This piece is constructed out of two bangles bound together, one painted with nail varnish, the other wrapped in pink thread and around the circumference of these handles, stitched into place, are pink painted pieces from model kits.
Cherry Blossom, Bracelet, 2012

This brooch is constructed out of Warhammer pieces, painted with pink nail varnish and adorned with thread and pink pom poms.

Prettier in Pink, Brooch, 2012