#33 Frosty

On the Make #33 (Sat 22nd Dec)
Frosty the Snowman Kit

#32 Chip Boat

A spot of lunch before braving Birmingham Christmas shopping.

A small chip boat afloat on a mayonaise sea.
On the Make #32 (Friday 21st Dec)
Chips, Mayonaise

#31 Pub Masks

On the Make #31 (Thurs 20th Dec)
Paper, Ale

On the Make in the pub. Kept us entertained for a good 20 mins.
I'll blame the blurry images on the ale.

#30 Tin Foil Exploits

Have been travelling back to the UK for most of the day, so todays 'On the Make' was on-the-hoof: sat eating curry fashioning an array of items out of the Tin foil our sandwiches at lunch were in. Here are two of the best...

#29 Card Construction 3

On the Make #29 (18th Dec)
Playing Cards

Not sure what I was aiming for here.
Seem to have made a large baked bean.

#28 Card Constructions 2

A composition of three 3D shapes which have been constructed out of red playing cards.

A small scale sculpture constructed out of red playing cards.
On the Make #28 (Mon 17th Dec)
Playing Cards

#27 Card Constructions

A red backed playing card which has been folded and cut into an abstract construction.

A red backed playing card which has been folded and cut into an abstract construction.

A red backed playing card which has been folded and cut into an abstract construction and held together with brown tape.
On the Make #27 (Sun 16th Dec)
Playing Cards, Brown Tape

#26 Wood Off-Cuts

Wood off-cuts lined up in such a way that they resemble a city scape.

Wood off-cuts stacked and balanced in a somewhat precarious manner.

Wood off-cuts stacked together to form almost a square shape.

Wood off-cuts positioned in such a way that they evidence the fact that the blocks were positioned differently and then they have collapsed.
On the Make #26 (Sat 15th Dec)
Wood Off-Cuts

#24 Carved Carrot

Carrots on a plate that have been carved into ball and flower shapes.

Carved Carrots in a green leaf stir-fry.
On the Make #24 (Friday 14th Dec)
Carved Carrot (stir-fry)

#23 Happy Birthday

A large pastry on a plate with pastry letters spelling out Happy Birthday.
On the Make #23 (Thurs 13th Dec)
Salmon Wellington, Happy Birthday Pastry

Somewhat side tracked today... Happy Birthday Neil!

#23 Steamy Window

A drawing on a steamy window which encapsulates the actual view of a house and garden beyond.
On the Make #23 (Weds 12th Dec)
Steam, Window

#22 Snow Circles

A back garden covered in snow that has been decorated with spots where the snow has been trodden under foot.
On the Make #22 (Tues 11th Dec)
Snow, Back Garden.

#21 chalk stick

An old stick of chalk that has been drawn into revealing the colours below.
On the Make #21 (Mon 10th Dec)

#20 Snow Balls

A branch of a tree that has been strung with snow balls as if it were a bead necklace.
On the Make #20 (Sun  9th Dec)
Snow, Branch

#19 Biscuit Wrapper Boat

A miniature origami boat made out of silver and blue biscuit wrapper.
On the Make #19 (Sat 7th Dec)
Biscuit Wrapper 

Note to self: must stop eating so many biscuits.

On the Make #18

A stripy red and gold wafer wrapper that has been folded in an origami style, partially showing the writing on the wrapper.
On the Make #18 (Fri 7th Dec)
Wafer Wrapper

On the Make #17

 Backyard chequerboard created by melting snow squares on the grass.
On the Make #17 (Thurs 6h Dec)
Snow,  Grass

I suspect my neighbours always thought me a little odd.  
This probably compounds it for them.

On the Make #16

An abstract mini sculpture constructed out of black penned matches and thread.
On the Make #16 (Wed 5th Dec)
Matches, Thread, Pen

On the Make #15

An abstract 'blobby' sculpture made out of cord ellipses and black thread.
On the Make #15 (Tues 4th Dec)
Cork, Thread

On the Make #14

Cork carved intoa cluster of flat spherical shapes.
On the Make #14 (Mon 3rd Dec)

On the Make #13

A champagne bottle cork whic has been carved into an abstract shape.
On the Make #13 (Sun 2nd Dec)

On the Make #12

A bundle of matches which have been bound together in a haphazard manner with red thread.
On the Make #12 (Sat 1st Dec)
Matches, Thread