#71 More Wheat Based

Pasta tubes arrangement.

Pasta tubes comopsition.

On the Make #71 (Tues 29th Jan)


Flour paste glue cast into jelly moulds.

On the Make #70 (Monday 28th Jan)
Flour, Sugar, Water

#69 Omelette Anyone?

A section of white egg box which has been folded out of shape.

A cross-section of a white egg box.

The end of a white egg box which has been cut and re-assembled.

A cross-section of a white egg box which looks a little like a hip bone.

 On the Make #69 (Sunday 27th Jan)
Egg Box


An observation in wrapping, using dish cloths, washing-up gloves and thread.

An observation in wrapping, using dish cloths, washing-up gloves and thread.
On the Make #68 (Sat 26th Jan)
Cloths, Washing-up gloves, Thread

#67 Clothes Peg Trial

Four wire brooch pins constructed out of clothes peg springs.
On the Make #67 (Friday 25th Jan)
Clothes Pegs

#66 there's always a grey area

On the Make #66 (Thurs 24th Jan)

#65 Incidental Canvas

Bird and cat prints in the snow.

An incidental canvas- found this morning by the back door.
Glancing down the lawn, I saw a large blank sheet of white.

Two pictures of print making in the snow- using tools and objects to hand.
On the Make #65 (Weds 23rd Jan)

And now for a hot chocolate.

#64 Colour Swatches

A swatch of house objects.  Sponge, Chocolate box, Elasticated string and a biscuit cutter.

A swatch of modified household objects: Yellow sponge, black sink plug and a coated piece of orange netting from an onion bag.

A household swatch including familiar objects: knife end, orange netting and a yellow sponge.

A swatch for colour testing: peppercorns, orange onion bag and floury blob.

A colour swatch taken from household objects includes a plaster, some copper chocolate wrapper, a piece of string and a black pan scrubber.
On the Make #64 (Tues 22nd Jan)

And now I'm off to do my Tax return :(


A piece of orange netting on the left and a strip of yellow sponge which has been bent  in half and dipped in wax.
On the Make #63 (Mon 21st Jan)
Plastic, Sponge, Wax

#62 with the aid of a paper-clip

A whittled wood ring, simple in design, features three sticks sticking out of the main body, these are painted pink on the very ends.
On the Make #62 (Sunday 20th Jan)
Wood, Paint (and a paper-clip)

#61 Kitchen Concoction

Two abstract objects made out of flour and water.
On the Make #61 (Sat 19th Jan)

#60 Black Plug

A black sink plug that has been carved into an abstract shape.
On the Make #60 (Fri 18th Jan)

#59 Netting

Two balls, one on top of the other. THe upper is constructed out of white beans wrapped in red netting, and the lower is a yellow sponge wrapped in red netting.
On the Make #59 (Thurs 17th Jan)
Netting, Beans, Sponge

#58 Pasta

A warped lasagna sheet which has had holes cut out of it.

An oval shaped composition made out of circular lasagna discs.

A composition made with small rounds cut out of lasagna sheet.

A composition of round lasagna discs which have been glued together.
On the Make #58 (Wed 16th Jan)

#57 Square Pants

A yellow washing-up sponge which has been cut into small pieces and rearranged and then sewn back together in an abstract form.

Yellow sponge which has been cut into geometric shapes and then sewn together in an abstract form.

A yellow washing-up sponge that has been shaped into an elipse, placed sitting below a smaller rectangle of yellow sponge.
On the Make #57 (Tues 15th Jan)
Sponge, Thread, Nail Varnish

#56 Farewell to Washing-up 2

On the Make #56 (Monday 14th Jan)
Rubber gloves

#55 Farewell to Washing-up

On the Make #55 (Sunday13th December)
Rubber Gloves

#54 Black Holes

Two black sculptures made out of polysytrene.
On the Make #54 (Sat12th Jan)

#53 Sliced bread

Bread dough sculpture sliced sections.
On the Make #53 (Friday 11th Jan)

#52 An Elastoplast and a Bread Portent?

(or 'The Dark-side of Bread Making'.)

An assemblage which includes rough edged bread, peppercorns and elastoplast.

A piece of bread which has risen into the shape of skull.

An almost round piece of bread which has been drawn on with pencil in a cross-hatched pattern.

A piece of bread which has been pressed through a grater and then the raised sections burnt.

On the Make #52 (Thurs 10th Jan)
Various, but Bread mostly and Elastoplast 

#51 Bread glorious Bread

A baked lump of dough which embedded within is the top of an ornamental teaspoon. The top of the ornamental teaspoon is a miniature building, a temple perhaps?

A baked dough mixture which has been pressed into a surface with holes in it, a colander perhaps.  The surface of the baked dough has a raised spotted effect.

An almost spherical piece of dough which has been baked within a piece of orange netting.  The dough has risen and extruded through the gaps in the netting.

A lump of dough which has a dimpled effect due to something having been poked into it before it was baked.

On the Make #51 (Weds 9th JAn)
Bread (mostly)

#50 Daily Bread

Funny how after giving up carbs for New Year, all of a sudden I fancy making bread sculptures.

The reverse of a dough sculpture showing a richer brown where it has baked on a oiled baking tray.

A baked dough abstract sculpture featuring a fair few dough balls.

A baked dough creation.  Looks quite roughly made. Lots of texture where the dough has been ripped.

The reverse of a rough abstract dough creation. Lots of lovely dark patches where it has been baking on the surface of a baking tray.

A baked dough creation, using the repeating pattern of a 'O' pastry cutter.

Bread dough creation with a piece of wire grid embeded into it.  The surface of the bread has patination on it created using a serrated knife.

Dough sculpture which has wire embedded into it.

On the Make #50 (Tues 8th Jan)
Bread (mostly)