#50 Daily Bread

Funny how after giving up carbs for New Year, all of a sudden I fancy making bread sculptures.

The reverse of a dough sculpture showing a richer brown where it has baked on a oiled baking tray.

A baked dough abstract sculpture featuring a fair few dough balls.

A baked dough creation.  Looks quite roughly made. Lots of texture where the dough has been ripped.

The reverse of a rough abstract dough creation. Lots of lovely dark patches where it has been baking on the surface of a baking tray.

A baked dough creation, using the repeating pattern of a 'O' pastry cutter.

Bread dough creation with a piece of wire grid embeded into it.  The surface of the bread has patination on it created using a serrated knife.

Dough sculpture which has wire embedded into it.

On the Make #50 (Tues 8th Jan)
Bread (mostly)