An Annotated Journey...

The rules of 'Matching Items Available':

Alter/ tweak/ remake a mass-produced necklace (the same one will be altered by all participating artists).

Capture and display the process and development, notes, sketches etc.

Produce an image of the final piece.

Produce an image of the final piece worn by the maker.

So, here goes:

Since watching Leila Johnston's online talk 'Making Things Fast' a few weeks ago, I have been much inspired to take this as my new motto.  I have worried over the minutiae for too long.

This talk, the impending house move back to the UK and numerous looming deadlines, has compounded the situation.   

This was going to be a FAST project.

I received this tasty Primarni necklace in the post.

I'm not fond of fashion, and even less so 'fast fashion'. 

It's the junk food of the fashion world. 

What to do with the piece seemed straight forward.

 Make batter. Then wait four hours.

A quick sketch and a play.


Thinking about pins. (I have a predilection for brooches).

More samples.

I'm an endless list maker.

Trialing the batter.

A quick try on.

Into the frying pan.


Yes, this is me (one of the better photos).


  1. Love it!! Very much more beautiful, delicious, and probably long-lasting than the original..

  2. Love it!! Much more beautiful, delicious and probably long lasting than the original.. Like your frying pan too :)