Delighted to be showing my work, as part of the Made To Make Collective, at Studio Huddle in Toronto.  Shame we couldn't parcel ourselves up with the work!

More than Gold is an exhibition of international artist collectives working in jewellery and metal but most definitely not restricted to it.

Each person has their independent studio practice but a multitude of reasons, we have come together and  joined forces. This exhibition highlights what we achieve by sharing space, ideas and working on projects to promote our work and that of our peers. Because of community and working together, we sustain our creative livelihoods, enrich our practices and achieve more than we could in isolation.

More than Gold focuses on contemporary (art) jewellery practices, where everyone has received formal training in gold/silver-smithing and jewellery making.  Studio Huddle  presents four collectives, showing the diversity of jewellery expression and practice, some breaking from the conventions of formal technique while others embrace and master it.   

There are four collectives showing their work- here are links to the other three:

Studio Huddle, based in Toronto, Canada.   

Le Labo (directed by Noel Guyomarc'h in Montreal, Canada)

1x1 Collective (founded in Florence, Italy)