Photograph of the instilation and sound piece entitled "Cosmic Drift: Elevations of a Fried Mystic" by Richard Proffitt.
In February next year I'll be showing some of my work in For Posterity at The Castlefield Gallery in Manchester.

I'm delighted to be showing my work alongside that of:
Rosanne Robertson (installation and performance)

The exhibition will run from 13th till 22nd Feb 2015...  it's going to be a good 'un.
Above Image: Richard Proffitt, Cosmic Drift: Elevations of a Fried Mystic, Mixed Media and Sound Installation, 2014.

Castlefield Gallery is delighted to announce its next Launch Pad exhibition will be For Posterity, curated by CG Associate member Lucy Harvey, and including work by Rosanne Robertson, Richard Proffitt, Cherry Tenneson, Fliss Quick, Hannah Leighton-Boyce, Lucy Harvey. - See more at:
Launch Pad: For Posterity will preview at Castlefield Gallery on Thu 12 Feb 2015, 6-8pm and will continue from the 13-22 February 2015. - See more at:
Launch Pad: For Posterity will preview at Castlefield Gallery on Thu 12 Feb 2015, 6-8pm and will continue from the 13-22 February 2015. - See more at:
Launch Pad: For Posterity will preview at Castlefield Gallery on Thu 12 Feb 2015, 6-8pm and will continue from the 13-22 February 2015. - See more at:


One of those great moments where the song you are listening to on the radio fits perfectly with your surroundings- thought I'd try and capture it for you all.

Oh, and I've moved to Canada!


The residency in Malaysia happily coincided with the Georgetown Arts Festival.  

I decided the Festival needed an opening ceremony. So I built them a mobile temple, complete with josh sticks, bubble machine and revolving spinney things and drove it down the Arts Street in Georgetown.  

Well, why not?


top down:
ATTA Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
Pendants, Nanna Gronborg 
Brooches from the collection '7 days a week with Assoc Prof Wipha', Panjapol Kulpapangkorn
'Loop the Loop' Brooch, Natalie Smith
'Pay Rise' Brooch, 'New Department, New Outlook' Series, Fliss Quick
Opening night of Chaos to Comprehension at ATTA Gallery, Bangkok
Gesticulating wildly- interview for Thai Arts and Culture TV (Panjapol Kulpapangkorn acting translator).


A little later than anticipated, here's a round up of week 3 in pictures:


Mangusteen fruit on a blue flowery table cloth.

Leftovers from lunch at Akulusy Art Camp, Bukit Genting.
Tiles indicating the ladies toilet in Malaysia.
Red offering shelf with orange flowers, josh sticks and an orange.
Offering shelf in Georgetown, Penang with Pineapple and josh sticks.
Roof tiles with donors names witten on them ready for the temple roof.
Ceramic dog attached to a roll of red tape on a shelf by a mirror.
top down:
mangusteen- the world's most delicious fruit (in my mind),
lunch at Akulusy Art Camp,
ladies sign,
shopfront place of offering,
another shopfront place of offering (very common in George Town),
stacks of tiles, with donors names inscribed ready for the roof of a temple,
residency work in progress.


Instructional drawing by Lusy DeCoursey.
A clock garden at Bukit Genting.

Tom Yum and Pineapple Rice at Bukit Genting.

Wild horses at Bukit Genting: Folk art.

One Way sign at Bukit Genting.

Cheap battery powered toys ready for hacking.

Pink superhero balaclava.
top down:
night of arrival- instructive sketch by Lusy DeCoursey,
clock flower bed, Bukit Genting,
pineapple rice and tom yum (yum) , Bukit Genting,
folk art menagerie,  Bukit Genting,
selection of neon, Bukit Genting,
50 ringgit store buys (preparing for object hacking workshop),
superhero mask (essential buy from 50 ringgit store).


I'm off to Malaysia tomorrow for a four week residency.  It dawned on me that I wasn't really sure what I might need...

So I decided to dowse for my packing.

Unsurprisingly I now have a random selection of objects to take with me - and the task to try and use them whilst on my residency.

Wire coat hangers prepped for dowsing on a yellow background with wire cutters.
Dowsing with coat hangers.

'Magic Happens' cash's name labels.'The blurring of Art and Life', one of the ten objects selected for a residency with dowsing.
A book entitled 'Essays on The Blurring of Art and Life', Allan Kaprow.
Plastic food including peas, burgers and carrots in a plastic bag.
Selecting objects by dowsing.

A metal tin which contains sandpaper, 'hurts bees' balm, pencil, a spoon and a few other random items.
In studio dowsing for inspiration.

A couple of packs of Sugru.
Most of an yellow ice tray.
Having a laugh dowsing for objects using metal coat hangers.

A roll of wood sticky-back-plastic.
A pack of fine twist drills.
Heading down the stairs with my dosing sticks.
Remnants of white wool from my Gran's old sewing box.
A box of Mikado.