Still feeling a bit wobbly about the tech- like I said, I'm used to sticking stuff together until something makes me laugh.  So today, this is exactly what I did.  I have been playing about with the motor out of a milk froth-er. See film clip below.

Letting go of the self imposed proposal, and in approaching Random String in a similar way to how I would normally work (playing), everything starts to feel easier.

I never normally plan what I'm going to make, it sort of just comes together- eventually.  Its a pretty hit and miss way of making, but I enjoy the process of discovery, rather than a design and build job.  Through the play aspect, I discover (sometimes) some good stuff that I would never have thought of if I were to plan.

Saying this, I'm still longing to get to grips with a bit more tech, and I'm really looking forward to my next session with Ash and Dom at Ludic Rooms for some more pointers to see me on my way.

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