Jon employed very simple programming software (Scratch) to create an animation for screen.  The animation used photos of pots 'dancing' along to audio which is the recorded sound of said pots being struck. Jon used Makeymakey and soft clay as inputs to trigger the animated pots on screen to 'shake rattle and roll' when touched.  (see film clip below).
The next stage of this project for Jon would be to remotely trigger acoustic sounds from the pots in the physical realm using sticks and servos. 

Short film clip of Jon's work in action below- note to self: must brush up interview technique.


As promised here's a few pics of work by the other Random String artists.  First up we have Nikky Smedley (aka LaLa, yes, really), and her amazing and utterly bonkers magical storytelling skirt. 

Top picture: shows the story telling skirt all laid out at the symposium- it has all sorts of pockets and hidden things, which add and act as props as the stories develop. Nikky made a piece called 'Giggle Weeds' which when you approached them, or got too close Nikky could wirelessly activate them to say 'Oi', 'leave it', 'I said leave it' etc etc... Totally unexpected, and funny.  You can totally see how this was going to add to the story telling sessions with children where sometimes a deterrent might be quite handy for the resolutely curious.  In the future Nikky is hoping to use more wireless speakers, hidden around the storytelling environment to enable more objects in the room to 'talk' to the children.

So, how did she do this?  Nikky used remote bluetooth (ergo wireless) speaker which meant it was easy to hide it in the Giggle Weeds without trailing cables etc.  The bluetooth could be operated via either a Wiimote or wireless bluetooth keyboard.  Nikky programmed the Quirky Qwerty (TM) with silly noises and phrases using Soundplant software and programmed the Wiimote with Osculator software. Sounds pretty complicated to me, prefer Nikky's explanation of how it works: "using magic supplied by alien space rabbits".

Bottom picture: Nikky and Ash back at Ludic Rooms HQ busy working through some code.  (Well, I'm guessing this, as I wasn't actually there.)  Nikky has her 'Giggle Weeds' in her left hand -in her right hand appears to be a very interested snake.


It was the Random String Symposium on Friday. Managed to see a couple of speakers in the morning before heading back to the Helen Martin Studio to talk about my work.  Here are a couple of pics of my work on display.  I hope to post some of the other artists' work over the next few days...

Objects created and on display for Random String Symposium, including a bit of circuit bending, some hacked pieces and a bit of arduino magic.TV screens showing films by Fliss Quick as part of the Random String Symposium.