With a bit more time on my hands now that University term has ended I can begin to get stuck into the projects I've been itching to do for ages now.

First up is my Collaboration for Makers Dozen.

I loved the brief for this project the instant I read it (see below), but deciding on a collaborator took a while...


Firstly we ask you to identify your practice by considering the following questions-

Are you a maker or designer?
Do you sit in a specific discipline?
Do you make functional objects?
Are you a ceramicist?
Are you material specific?
Do you draw before you make or make before you draw?

Now please define your practice –

After answering these questions and defining certain aspects of your practice we now ask you to find the opposite of this definition to collaborate with. Whether it is through concept, method, material, discipline or process, what is the opposite of you? We dare you to engage with the unknown, to take a risk and benefit from a new mindset or skill.

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