I'm off to Malaysia tomorrow for a four week residency.  It dawned on me that I wasn't really sure what I might need...

So I decided to dowse for my packing.

Unsurprisingly I now have a random selection of objects to take with me - and the task to try and use them whilst on my residency.

Wire coat hangers prepped for dowsing on a yellow background with wire cutters.
Dowsing with coat hangers.

'Magic Happens' cash's name labels.'The blurring of Art and Life', one of the ten objects selected for a residency with dowsing.
A book entitled 'Essays on The Blurring of Art and Life', Allan Kaprow.
Plastic food including peas, burgers and carrots in a plastic bag.
Selecting objects by dowsing.

A metal tin which contains sandpaper, 'hurts bees' balm, pencil, a spoon and a few other random items.
In studio dowsing for inspiration.

A couple of packs of Sugru.
Most of an yellow ice tray.
Having a laugh dowsing for objects using metal coat hangers.

A roll of wood sticky-back-plastic.
A pack of fine twist drills.
Heading down the stairs with my dosing sticks.
Remnants of white wool from my Gran's old sewing box.
A box of Mikado.

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