Mangusteen fruit on a blue flowery table cloth.

Leftovers from lunch at Akulusy Art Camp, Bukit Genting.
Tiles indicating the ladies toilet in Malaysia.
Red offering shelf with orange flowers, josh sticks and an orange.
Offering shelf in Georgetown, Penang with Pineapple and josh sticks.
Roof tiles with donors names witten on them ready for the temple roof.
Ceramic dog attached to a roll of red tape on a shelf by a mirror.
top down:
mangusteen- the world's most delicious fruit (in my mind),
lunch at Akulusy Art Camp,
ladies sign,
shopfront place of offering,
another shopfront place of offering (very common in George Town),
stacks of tiles, with donors names inscribed ready for the roof of a temple,
residency work in progress.

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