In the last week or two I've been showing my work at the Castlefield Gallery, Manchester.  I've had great fun putting together some more pieces for the Rose Archive:

Part of the process of recreating Roses drawings, colour matching green fabric for Mermaid outfit.

Painting up parts of the Mermaid costume.

Photographing myself in a friends studio dressed up as Rose's drawing of a Mermaid.

Rose's drawing of a Mermaid on the left hand side and my version of the drawing of the right.

A pair of brown shoes which have been altered in order to more closely match the drawing of a 5 year olds.

Dressed up to look like my neice Rose's drawing.
Drawing by Rose (on left hand side) of a lady with blue hair and a pink dress.  Photograph of me attempting to carry off this look on the right hand side.

A cluster of red balloons on the floor waiting to be used as props.

Standing on a chair in a photo studio trying to imitate a drawing by my neice.
A drawing of a lady in a green zig-zag dress by Rose (on the left) and a photograph of me dressed up as the drawing (on the right).