So in my last post, I updated you on what Poppy posted to me.  Here's what I sent to Poppy in my Creative Space Exchange package.

My parcel contained:
1. A complication CD of Studio Sounds, for audio inspiration.
2. A very much loved Sketchbook.
3. A box of (mostly failed) samples/material trails.
and a business card...

I'm really curious as to how she'll interpret what I've sent to her.


A week or so back (yes this post is a little belated) I received a package from Poppy Porter, my Contemporary Jewellery Exchange partner.  After discussing our plans on how to approach this project we decided on a studio swap of sorts: sending one another three items which would give the other person some insight into their practice.
Poppy's package contained the original strings from her Bass; some drawings from a muse track (Poppy has Synesthesia); and some Muse tracks (her favourite band and the reason she started to play Bass), all contained within a lovely little box which was originally for a Bass pedal.


I'm taking part in this year's Contemporary Jewellery Exchange.  I've been paired with Poppy Porter.


So, it's been a fairly long time since last posting anything, and this pretty much reflects the creative output from me over this period. Not that I feel I need to explain my absence, but for context I'll let you in on the secret: I've had a baby.  His name is Oswald... or Ozzie or Oz for short.